February 19, 2010


Burberry fall winter 2010 set up a proposition of  the  general trends for the season: green olive coats, trench coats and jackets, denim shirts, black pants and boots, from the first look the military/rock/sartorial/old school aproach was defined, the golden buttons and studs could easily melt the references into the chicest coat you could see in Milan, that also thanks to a zipper so could  transform it  into a short jacket! Color blocking ranged  from "lattes" to olive green, black, greys and cream. Colors that were going to be seen after in the most recent collections in Paris and New York. So I must say I'm madly in love with some of the pieces... actually with that special coat!

Alexander McQueen put us into context with his so latest and sadly last male collection, "An bailitheoir cnámh" a gaelic phrase, wich means "The bones collector" as a reminiscence of  what he did with his "Plato Atlantis" collection. The evidence of the bones in a graphic print pattern of simetric definitions, the men came out like a squad of stiff and calculated cobras wich moved easy  like a snake over dry sands, this man has an armor, a skin, that protects him in his way to more darker scenareos where water melt over coats and latex references the depts of dark cold waters. so it reenforces the message of evolution and the narrative of an era dealing with climate change and hard days to come, for wich humanity need to be counscious about.

February 11, 2010



February 08, 2010


In the ad boxing battle Alexander McQueen's SS 2010 image by Nick Knight with model Raquel Zimmermann punched you in the face! and...It is a Knockout!

Alexander McQueen SS 2010

Hopefully more images will appear in the development  of the season and so in what we wold spect to be  in hand of "PLATO'S ATLANTIS" the SS 2010 collection. If so the campaign might show us the evolution  of  an earth living organism  like a snake for example and it's transition  into a water living one, so what is to come? Amphibious creatures like frogs and thoads that can live in land or water? and then? The magic lost submarine world of Atlantis, medusas or dolphins? Perhaps!

Abiertamente proclamada la mejor campaña de la temporada, con una   única imagen publicada hasta la fecha.  Alexander McQueen PV 2010. Foto: Nick Knight. Modelo: Raquel Zimmermann.

Esperamos que más imágenes aparezcan con el desarrollo de la temporada, de la mano de la colección "PLATO'S ATLANTIS". De ser así la campaña nos adentrará en la evolución de un arganismo terrestre a uno acuatico, y que mejor ejemplo que las serpientes... que viene entonces? anfibios como ranas, que pueden vivir en el agua y la tierra? y luego? El perdido y magico mundo submarino de Atlantis, medusas o delfines? Quizas!

February 07, 2010


The boys from Milan by Andrew Weir
An aproach to the cat walk selection for Milano Fashion Week and to their  everyday personal style... Here some of my favorites. To see more photos go to http://models.com/mdx/?p=1360

The boys from Milan. Un reportaje fotografico de Andrew Weir para models.com con  la selección de modelos de la temporada y la aproximación personal a la moda fuera de los shows durante la semana de la moda para hombre de Milan.