June 29, 2007

Ahead to come: Grey! or Gray!!

Calvin Klein

Pitti Uomo, men's Milan fashion week just passed , and guess what color is goin  be the king for S/S 2008, yes! We already told you! GRAY and more GREY, almost every designer if not all had gray pieces, even etro which main characteristic is loads of color is working around gray, the thing here is that, design is being comprehensive about the fact is not spring or winter anymore, not all over the world is cold or hot weather at the same time, so now it is about abit of  everything, anytime, heavy and light materials, dark, basics, bright, the main thing here is choose right for you, define your self, your own style, and propose to the world by stepping out there being someone! Lets wait what Paris has for us....
For more of Milan spring/summer 2008 check : http://men.style.com/fashion/collections/S2008MEN/runwayshows

June 12, 2007


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June 04, 2007

PlaId TieS

Summer is here, and so the worries of dressing up, when everything is colorful, but fashion statements are about black and grey. Every color is used in block, which means that you wear black trousers with great solid color sweaters or shirts or whatever called "top" clothes, or the contrary which means color in your trousers, and there is where white gets into accesories.

But for those great shades of beige, white, grey, and baby blue, well here is a good option to stand out this summer popular clean looks, wear a tie, a plaid one, in plain shades or in "need for atention" colors, use them to pull out a smart sophisticated look for this summer, maybe with a cotton suit, a shirt and a summer sweater, and a cool pair of white slacks, there are great options in the market like the ones shown here from Burberry and Marc Jcobs, just used them if the heat let you. 

June 01, 2007

ISABELLA BLOW We are back and we are sad

Fitting tribute: Stunning hat sits on the style diva's coffin

The fashion icon Isabella Blow ended her life by drinking the deadly weedkiller paraquat. Monday, May 07, 2007

Mrs Blow, who had recently learnt she was suffering from ovarian cancer, had made at least two suicide attempts in the past, once by throwing herself from the Hammersmith flyover in West London which left her with serious leg injuries.

On the weekend of her death she was hosting a small party at her Cotswolds mansion and house guests included Mr Treacy and his partner Stefan. Mrs Blow was as famous for her colourful life as her passion for hats and blood red lipstick. She was a stylist who was once described as of the 20 most influential people in fashion.

She was the grand daughter of Sir Jock Delves Broughton who in the 1940s had been tried and acquitted for the murder of Earl of Errol in Kenya. He later killed himself. The story was made into the 1988 film White Mischief starring Greta Scacchi and Charles Dance.

She was married to the barrister Detmar Blow whose father also committed suicide by drinking paraquat. Aged four, Isabella witnessed the death of her two year old brother John who drowned in the family swimming pool.

She married her husband Detmar Blow at Gloucester Cathedral in 1989 after a whirlwind romance. She worked as a style editor and fashion director for, among others, Vogue, Tatler and The Sunday Times. She renowned as a talent spotter and was credited with helping launch the careers of Mr Treacy, Alexander McQueen and Julien Mcdonald.

Fashion world will miss her, and owe her for eternity.