June 29, 2007

Ahead to come: Grey! or Gray!!

Calvin Klein

Pitti Uomo, men's Milan fashion week just passed , and guess what color is goin  be the king for S/S 2008, yes! We already told you! GRAY and more GREY, almost every designer if not all had gray pieces, even etro which main characteristic is loads of color is working around gray, the thing here is that, design is being comprehensive about the fact is not spring or winter anymore, not all over the world is cold or hot weather at the same time, so now it is about abit of  everything, anytime, heavy and light materials, dark, basics, bright, the main thing here is choose right for you, define your self, your own style, and propose to the world by stepping out there being someone! Lets wait what Paris has for us....
For more of Milan spring/summer 2008 check : http://men.style.com/fashion/collections/S2008MEN/runwayshows

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