September 15, 2007


The iPod family have arrived!

Apple just introduce the world to their new group of " i music" products, a new selection of iPods that includes a new version for the holidays of the "iPod shuffle", the "iPod nano", the new named "iPod classic" and the latest one the "iPod touch".

The iPod shuffle still 1GB and you can still get it at a cost of $79, but it will come in four new colors. Burgundy red*, light aqua, mint green, purple and the original silver, just choose to suit your mood, another thing here:* now you can get a product "red iPod shuffle".

The "iPod nano" "A little video for everyone"

Nano been re invented, in order to supply costumer needs, apple created an "iPod nano" that let you watch video! It comes as wider as the (classic) iPod original version, but is shorter, and it comes with a two inch screen , half an inch smaller than the pop called 'iPod video', but with the highest resolution ever put in an apple product screen, which means you will watch videos exactly with the same pixel resolution in the new nano as in it's bigger version. The nano will change it colors for the same ones the shuffle has, and will change their interface, bring more games, as well as cover flow so you can find your music by album cover art work, more storage, and full metal enclosure and... will reduce it cost, the 4GB will be at $149 (only in silver) and the 8GB (all colors) can be get at $199. The holidays iPod selection will also bring a product red " iPod nano".

The "iPod" in it's original version was named the "classic". Now it will be full metal version, and thinner that it predecessors, starting with 80 GB of storage (for $249) to the 160 GB version ( for $ 349, smaller, $40.000 songs space), Same interface is in the nano you will find it in the new "iPod classic" plus radio. Very in the classic mood as always...Yes! there is and will be only white and black versions!

The New it thing is the "iPod touch": the "iPhone" technology applied to an iPod, it will have a three and a half inch screen, and will be 8mm thin, it features the revolutionary, multi touch user interface, a great interface, everything by album cover art, and cover flow, with video (watch videos,movies, TV shows, podcasts) radio and photos, plus Wi-Fi network, safari web browser that will be able to reach and get into any web network so you can get online with any public Wi-Fi service network, with Yahoo, Google, Youtube, facebook support, an a Wi-Fi music store application, so you can preview buy and download. This product will be the first touch interface technology available worldwide and is expected to be able in about a month internationaly. and so will be the iPhone
In stores for the holidays season!
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hola ... he visto su blog,. me parecio bien atractivo ,, de alguna manera nos minimizan la idea de estar pendiente de paginas como , apreciando las colecciones mas relevantes, y claro las nuevas tendencias,,,

de hobby salgo a las calles de medellin checando nuevos estilos ,,,en un completo fiasco encontrar en esta ciudad nuevas propuestas
ya el mercado paisa es no mas q esnobismo, todo es bajo el bajo el patron ( asqueante )
seria un gusto saber mas sobre este atractivo grupo...

me entere de que buscan gente,,, para q? soy diseñadora tengo una firma exclusiva , de banguardia... donde me encargo del diseño y la confeccion bajo encargo,,,

saludos agradezco la atencion prestada y la pronta respuesta

denise alejandra ( unlostgirl)