August 06, 2012


La mas reciente tendencia en aretes, dirige la atención a la parte trasera de estos, las cuales ganan prominencia en tamaño y diseño, lo que los hace mas especiales y divertidos al verles de frente.

-Jewelry focus has move to earrings and most importantly to earring backs, the trend is so wide nowadays that there is a range from mildly  notable to screaming out loud STAND OUT pieces.  We say the weirdest the better!-

Delfina Deltetrez Red Mouth and Pearl EarringWendy Nichol Black Diamond Pyramid Back StudPristine EarringGivenchy Pearl and Jet Strass Magnetic Tusk EarringGylda Chainsaw EarringA.L.C. Brass and Screw StudPamela Love Spike Earring

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