December 10, 2010



Photographer, Creative Creature

Place of Origin:
Cartagena de Indias


Favorite things to do:
Photography & Friends

Favorite music, band:
I´m listening to MGMT, The Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloddy Valentine, Blur, Arcade Fire, Chris Isaak, The Kills, Stone Roses, Pixies, The Radio Dept. The National, Charoltte Gainsbourg, New Stuff like Tamaryn, Deerhunter, The Drums.

Favorite piece of clothing:
My Marine stuff

What’s your idea of fun?
Making pictures with my friends as models, enjoying the beach

Favorite career/professional experience so far:
Being part of a new generation of young influential photographers

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
Wow... Tamarind candy balls, the colored amber light from sunset beating the ancient streets (in Cartagena de Indias). About Colombia: That we are warm people, no matter the weather or  the region. About Bogotá: diversity and seventh avenue.

Honestly, what do you think of the fashion Industry In Colombia?
I think it should be more functional to the constantly changing climate and be more organic, more enviorementally friendly.

Favorite artist (any kind):
Joseph Beuys, Juergen Teller, Ryan McGinley, Wolfgang Tillmans, Nan Goldin, Wim Wenders, Fassbinder, Billy Corgan, Kevin Shields.

Place you would love to visit:
Stockholm, Turkey

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Reading Deleuze

Where can we see your work?

With his work bouncing between friends, lyfestories about love, friendship, passion for fashion, a bit of the Terry Richardson aesthetics generation, some homoerotic touches, lots of white backgrounds, nature, light, and austere colors... CAMO as known among the youth local network is a creative spirit that have injected magazines and the Colombian Fashion Scene with what he has developed as his own voice.

To give him one term I would say his creativity is some kind of naturalistic. Naturalism is an artistic style mostly developed in the literary field that apply to reproduce reality under a more documental objectivity, it covers the sublime, the beautiful, the sexual conducts, the vulgar, despite realistic approaches it tends to be less descriptive about a certain social scale (as Realism is all about). It is a material, closer look, to one's (his) cotidianity, this you can see in his work which can be a bit romantic sometimes, beautiful, grotesque, charming or subtle is up to you to discover.  I prefer to believe in his naturalistic approach, his more spontaneous shoots, and in all good things that will come from them in the future.

"Guess Who - A Profile"  will Showcase  propositive, interesting, upcoming and succesfull  forces in Colombia's Fashion Industry.

Con su trabajo rebotando entre amigos, lhistorias de vida  sobre el amor, la amistad, la pasión por la moda, un poco de la generación de la estética Terry Richardson,  , algunos toques homoeróticos, un montón de fondos blancos, la naturaleza, la luz y los colores austeros ... CAMO como es conocido entre los jóvenes en la red local como espíritu creativo que  ha inyectado a algunas revistas nacionales  y la  escena de la moda colombiana con lo que el  ha desarrollado como su propia voz.

Para darle un solo término: yo diría que su creatividad es   naturalista. El naturalismo es un estilo artístico desarrollado sobre todo en el campo literario que trata de reproducir la realidad con una objetividad más documental, que cubre lo sublime, lo bello, conductas sexuales, lo vulgar... a pesar de los enfoques realistas que tienden a ser menos descriptivo de una cierta  escala social  (como en el realismo ). Es, una mirada material más cercana, a (su) propia cotidianidad, esto se puede ver en su obra que puede ser un pasar por romántica a veces. Bella, grotesca,  encantadora  sutil depende de usted para descubrirla. Yo prefiero creer en su enfoque naturalista, sus brotes más espontáneos, y en todas las cosas buenas que vendrán de ellos en el futuro.

"Guess Who - Un perfil" será un escaparate de las fuerzas propositivas, interesantes,  y exitosas en la la moda de Colombia

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