June 15, 2011


Men's fashion season is around the corner, but in the meantime here are some pictures I did steal from a bunch of stylish guys and some of the personal items that suit best  the actual sunny season.

 Sunglasses L to R: Tim Hamilton, Nom De Guerre x Oliver Peoples, Oliver Peoples, Oliver Peoples Vintage, Robert Geller, and Prism - Takashi Murakami edition boards

Chambray -  Shirts  - Various Designers

Breton - Shirt - Custom Louis Vuitton  Nautical Necklace - Balenciaga Espadrille  - Shoes -  Hermès

Print  Lightweight Scarves - Virginia Johnson and Number Nine

Backpack - Comme des Garcons  Tote  - Bag - Prada  Canvas bag  - TK Garment Supply

Chuck Taylors -  Shoes - Fragment Design Chuck Taylors

Denim Jacket - Jackets - Vintage Levi's

Branded Tote - Bag - Supreme

La proxima entrega de moda masculina está a la vueltade la esquina, pero mientras tanto aquí están algunas fotos que he robado de un grupo  con mucho estilo y algunos sus los objetos personales que mejor se adaptan a la atual temporada de sol.

the COVETEUR stories of:
Tim Kaeding Designer and Co-Founder, Mother. Los Angeles
Aaron Bakalar Founder, The Collaborative Agency. New York
Eugene Tong Senior Style Editor, Details Magazine. New York
Logan Horne Stylist. New York
John Gerhardt Creative Director, Holt Renfrew. Toronto

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